Season calendar


  • winter bird counting
  • beaver mating starts
  • vegetation is scarce, ideal conditions for observing wildlife


  • days are getting longer
  • deer discard their antlers
  • nesting season for the white tailed eagle
  • fist plant budding
  • blooming of hazel
  • 2nd February – World Wetland Day


  • beginning of the nesting season for the grey heron, great cormorant and mallard
  • black storks return
  • breeding of amphibians starts
  • blooming of the goat willow
  • 21st March – First day of spring, World Forest Day
  • 22nd March – World Water Day


  • white storks and swallows return
  • nesting season for black and white storks
  • wild boar piglets are born
  • blooming of dandelion
  • 22nd April – Earth Day
  • 26th April – Renewable energy day
  • season of great floods starts


  • nesting season for herons
  • blooming of acacia, oak, elderberry and lotus
  • red deer calves are born
  • 22nd May – International Day of Biodiversity


  • blooming of linden and poppy
  • 05th June – World Environment Day
  • 21st June – First day of summer (the longest day of the year)
  • 29th June – Danube Day


  • mating season for roe deer
  • snakes, lizards and turtles lay their eggs
  • ideal for swimming on the sand banks of the Danube and Drava


  • blooming of ragweed
  • white storks and swallows start their migration
  • red deer mating season starts (buck roaring)


  • autumn migration of black storks
  • 16th September – World Ozone Day
  • 23rd September – First day of autumn


  • defoliation of plants
  • mating season for wild boar
  • 03rd October – World Habitat Day
  • 04th October – World Animal Day


  • bees make winter preparations
  • vegetation is scarce, ideal conditions for observing wildlife


  • 21st December – First day of winter (The shortest day of the year)
  • vegetation is scarce, ideal conditions for observing wildlife