About us


Eco centre Zlatna Greda

Only 30 minute drive from downtown Osijek, lies Eco centre Zlatna Greda. This carefully designed concept provides practical experience of coexistence and cooperation between man and nature. It is a place of knowledge, new experiences, but also fun and relaxing. Eco centre functions through  practical examples of sustainable development, like renewable energy sources, waste management, social entrepreneurship and responsible business. Now Eco centre is the base for many eco tourism and nature protection activities.


Green Osijek

Creator and founder of Eco centre Zlatna Greda is the Association for Nature and Environment Protection Green Osijek. Founded in 1995 it focuses its work on protection of natural and cultural resources and sustainable development of Eastern Croatia. Green Osijek founded Eco centre in 2003 as a field base for many activities. Eco centre soon became the focus of most programs and projects. Employees, partners and volunteers of Green Osijek implement educational, nature and environment protection activities.


Zlatna Greda Ltd. Ecotourism agency

Zlatna Greda Ltd. is the first Croatian ecotourism agency, founded in 2006 and 100% owned by green Osijek. Zlatna Greda functions as a model of social entrepreneurship and profit is distributed to nature and environment protection activities. Zlatna Greda is the organizer of ecotourism activities in Eco centre Zlatna Greda. Zlatna Greda is a member of UHPA (Association of Croatian Travel Agencies).


Our team

We gained our experience in ecotourism and educational programs throughout the world and all the best examples we put  into our work and programs. We will  share our knowledge about wildlife, biodiversity and tradition of the region with you and also help you to discover hidden corners of the wetland, rare plant and animal species. You will have fun, but also learn something new about protection of natural and traditional values, and empower yourself as protectors and promoters of the idea of sustainable development.